listen to 25,000 popular web radio stations
record tons of great music for free
discover new music
no quality loss, auto record  feature
 listen to thousands of web radio stations
 find a web radio by genre
 record several web radio stations simultaneousely
 record songs from web radio as mp3 files
 record by artist name
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Why purchase RadioGet?

The trial (unregistered) version of RadioGet has limitations. Without the license code RadioGet will only record 1mb of each song.
Listening to internet radio will work without any limits during the trial period of 15 days. After that you will need to register your copy of RadioGet.
RadioGet license code will be sent to you in the confirmation e-mail instantly after the purchase.
To activate RadioGet, please install and run the trial version.
After you input your license code, the activation code will be received automatically.
The activation code will unlock all the features in your RadioGet copy.
If you don’t have an Internet connection or any other activation problem occurs, please send your PC System ID to RadioGet support team (support@RadioGet.com) and we will send you an activation code by e-mail.

RadioGet Music Genres
* Rock
* Classic Rock
* Hard Rock etc.
* Mixed
* Funk
* Instrumental etc.
* Chillout
* Soundtrack
* Pop
* Disco
* JPop etc.
* Electronic
* Techno
* Trance etc.
* Jazz
* Acid Jazz
* Blues etc.
* Hip-Hop
* Rap
* R'n'B etc.
* Americana
* Country
* Folk etc.
* Salsa
System Requirements
Windows Vista x32, Windows XP x32
Windows Vista x64, Windows XP x64
256 Megabyte RAM
Windows Media Player 9 or higher
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